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Top 10 Major Turn Offs For Guys That Any Woman Should Avoid

turn woman from hottie to nottie

Fact: women are turned off easily.

The wrong shoes, wrong perfume, wrong choice of restaurant and even the wrong compliments will send her and her angry hormones all over the place.

Worse yet, you can’t have the sex you’ve been planning for weeks because you ticked her off and ruined her supposed good mood.

However, men get turned off, too.

It may not be instant, but there are things your woman may do that could make you stop and think twice about her.

Bad breath, body odors and bad manners are already part of the list and will stay there forever, but apparently, there is more than just that.

Take a look at these 10 surefire ways that will turn your girl from a hottie to a nottie.

1. She Has Poor Hygiene

Poor Hygiene

This is already a given, and proven but it still deserves a spot in the list.

Think about this.

A gorgeous girl wearing a skimpy black dress walks in the bar – alone.

After drowning yourself in vodka, you’ve finally mustered enough courage to walk up to her and strike a conversation.

You’re sure it’s neither you nor the vodka, but something smells really funny.

Then you realize it was her.

All of a sudden, your libido went from fifth gear to neutral – in two seconds. 

Just think about this. Are you willing to make out with a girl who smells like she hasn’t taken a shower for days? 

Heck no, right?

No matter how good-looking a woman is, you want to make sure that she is in her best self, including her smell and hygiene.

She probably could get away with unpolished fingernails and even something stuck in between her teeth; however, if it becomes a daily habit, for sure, you will find ways to dump her.

2. She Is Extremely Conscious Of Her Body

conscious of her body

Let’s face it.

Not all women have a Victoria’s Secret angel body.

At the same time, there is too much emphasis on thin, size zero women, which makes the other half of the scale more conscious of how they look, sans the clothes.

At one point in your life, you will meet someone who is too conscious of her body, to the point that she can’t even stand in front of you naked.

This could be a turn off, since you need to see the package with your own eyes to get the blood pumping. 

After all, how could you get your libido up and running if she’s not even happy with how she looks? 

If she is not even happy and confident about her body, then there is no way you could get excited.

3. She loves Playing Hard To Get

playing hard to get

Most women don’t want to look easy.

Therefore, their first line of defense is to play hard to get, and make it look like they are not interested with you, even if they are.

While this could work at first, but there will come a point that you’ll get too tired of chasing her and asking her out on dates, which she constantly refuses.

It’s simple.

Chasing her like a dog makes you look desperate.

If she says no for the third time, then it only means one thing – back off.

Playing hard to get just to seduce a guy simply won’t cut it.

4. She Focuses Too Much On The Future

focuses too much on future

Women think too much about the future.

On the other hand, most men focus on the here and now, instead of worrying over the things that might happen in 10 years time. 

Talking about the future is fine, as long as the two of you are serious with each other and willing to take it to the next level.

However, when a girl talks about what you have to do to make the living room complete instead of focusing on your newly-bought couch, then you might find yourself in a situation you don’t want to be in. 

Take it easy. 

The next thing you know, she will be screaming the names of your babies, even if you dated for only a week.

5. She Makes Plans Without Your Consent

makes plans without consent

Come on guys.

You appreciate surprises and impromptu dinners once in a while.

In fact, you wouldn’t mind your girl doing all the planning to make your life easier.

At the same time, it makes you feel loved.

However, everything has its boundaries.

Imagine this: you are tired from work and all you need is a warm bath and some leftover mac and cheese.

On your way home, your girl calls you and asks you to pick her up for tonight’s dinner reservation.

Little acts of surprises are okay.

However, your girl needs to realize that you have your needs and own set of preferences, too.

Unless she wants a lousy date, then go ahead and let her do all the planning without even telling you.

6. She’s Rough In The Hand Job Department

Admit it.

You like getting hand jobs, especially when you got a girl who is good in giving one.

It feels nice and no matter how hard you try to hold it, you can’t help but let all those juices out.

Think American Pie: Beta House and you get the picture. 

On the other hand, there are women who like giving hand jobs, but don’t know the proper way to do it.

They think that vigorous and fast hand jobs make you happy when in reality, you are screaming in pain.

You just don’t want to hurt her feelings, so you have no choice but to endure it and make it seem like you are having fun.

The problem with this is that your man won’t cooperate when penetration is needed.

In that case, be honest about it.

Women don’t have penises so they won’t understand how it feels when it is not treated kindly.

7. She Won’t Stop The Baby Voice

irritating baby voice

Even if you don’t have the father instinct in you, you can’t help but smile at babies and little kids who are smiling back at you.

That cute little voice will surely make your heart melt – in a good way.

However, things are different with women.

Baby talk is fine, as long as you are six and below.

Women who use the baby voice think that it’s cute, but in reality, it is so annoying, you want to smack her in the face.

In this case, honesty goes a long way.

If your girl puts on her baby voice mode, tell her that it’s not helping you and your libido, so she has to shut up.

Okay, in a nice way, guys, so you won’t hurt her feelings.

8. She Has Exaggerated Orgasms

exaggerated orgasms

Every time you have sex with a girl, you like to have a positive affirmation to tell if you are doing a good job or not.

When it comes to affirmation, her body language and orgasm dictates the play. 

Apparently, there are women who fake their orgasms, which is borderline annoying and inauthentic.

You don’t know if you are doing it right, she really finds it pleasurable or she just doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

In this case, perhaps she is not enjoying what you are doing.

She is only faking it to make it look like she is having fun with your tongue action.

Then again, women are so good in faking orgasms, you won’t even notice – or will you?

9. She loves Playing Dumb

She loves Playing Dumb

There will always be an unreal relationship between blonde women and being dumb.

You’ve seen it in movies – the geeky guy falls in love with a hot blonde cheerleader who only knows how to count and recite the alphabet.

Then, the blonde girl needs a tutor to pass the Algebra exam, so the geeky dude volunteers.

There’s something about teaching and being dumb that makes the geek guy head over heels for her.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it goes in real life.

If you could choose, what would your choice be: a hot, gorgeous-looking girl who doesn’t even know what she is saying and only cares about makeup and high heels, or a woman who is smart and gives you a vibe that she is someone you can’t mess around with?

Surely, you will go for the smart one, which is an instant turn on.

10. She Won’t Stop Assuming

she won’t stop assuming

Here’s the problem with women: They expect guys to know what they are thinking, especially if it involves matters between the sheets.

Here’s the truth: You are not Professor X and reading minds is not your forte.

This could be a problem area because sex is a two-way act.

You need to know what her preferences are, so you can perform better, and vice versa.

If she expects you to know everything, then stop whatever you are doing, sit down and talk like mature people.

Ask her what she wants, so you can comply.

This goes in all areas, not just in sex.

Demand some honesty from her, so you would know what to do.

Men and women are two different creatures.

Still, this doesn’t mean you cannot co-exist with each other.

If you have a girlfriend, wife or friend who happens to have a low rating on your hottie scale, then give this list.

It might help them work on their issues and improve your relationship.