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16 Fresh Sex Tips for Men – Give Her A Night to Remember

sex tips for man

According to iVillage’s 2013 Married Sex Survey, a majority of the respondents agreed that a good sex life is important, especially if you are married.

Although most of the respondents said that sex can be predictable, only 60 percent of the women reported being happy.

What about the remaining 40 percent?

If you are struggling to make her happy inside the bedroom, the good news is that help is on the way.

You can still give your girl a night to remember with these 16 sex tips for men.

Are you ready to find out how you can give her a night to remember?

Then stick around and read along because you’re in it for a treat.

Be sure to read all the way to the end to find some important sex advice for men to remember.

1. Start Early: The First Step in Giving Her a Night to Remember

couple night

You know how important foreplay is in satisfying women.

When it comes to this arena, you might think that it only happens few minutes before penetration.

That’s not how it works.

If you want to give her the best sex of her life, and then make sure you set her mood first thing in the morning.

Sending her a sexy text message or a flirty email about what you plan to do to her can already set her mood for the day.

If you are living together or married, you can start your day by taking a shower together and eating breakfast.

Add some teasing in between but do your best to control your sexual urges.

The bottom line is to get her in the mood, which should start as early as possible to build anticipation.

2. The Romantic Touch

couple touch

It may sound a bit cheesy, but adding a romantic touch to sex night is actually appealing – to both men and women alike.

A candlelit dinner, music and a dance are just a few examples on how you can go romantic before the sex part of the night.

Remember: Mr. James Bond may be tough, but he is always a romantic when it comes to his women.

A romantic date can build up the anticipation for sex and the pleasure you both will get from it later on.

Not rushing to the sex part can make you just horny enough and ready to rip each other’s clothes off once you are alone.

3. Kiss Her Right

kiss her right

Before you begin with your session, there is one particular act you need to do right to get her in the mood: kissing.

Aside from setting the mood, the way you kiss a girl could set the stage for what’s about to come.

Consequently, her lips are among the top female erogenous zones and could be an instant turn on.

To make sure you do this the right way, here’s what you can do:

  • Freshen your breath with a gum or mint.

  • Take your time kissing, even slightly pulling away, until you are able to establish your lips’ natural and passionate rhythm.

  • Use your hand while kissing. Touch the sides of her face, lightly pull her hair, stroke the back of her neck, or tug her hair behind her ear.

  • Tame your tongue until you are able to establish your kissing rhythm and pattern.

Relax and take your time.

Kissing is not a marathon, so relax and kiss her right.

4. Defining Foreplay: Spending a Few More Minutes Exploring Her Body

foreplay before sex

Admit it.

You want to keep it fast especially when things are getting hot and steamy inside the bedroom.

While this could be sexy, most women would appreciate it if you keep it nice and slow.

You already started by sending her sexy, flirty messages.

To give her the night to remember, take your time exploring her body.

A woman’s body is filled with erogenous zones, which you can use to set her arousal on a higher level.

Don’t go straight to the area down there because stimulating one area alone won’t cut it.

In other words, relax and slow down.

Slowing down and making her wait builds anticipation, which is an instant turn on.

Here are sex tips for guys you should remember when it comes to taking it slow:

  • Undress her slowly but constantly.

  • Kiss her on her lips.

  • Gently pull her hair.

  • Touch the erogenous spots such as nape, neck, and breasts.

  • Plant kisses all over her body.

The bottom line is to take your time.

Sex is not the same with cooking instant ramen cup noodles that should last for three minutes.

Reassure your girl that you are willing to invest some of your time and effort in her pleasure.

Once she sees your commitment, she will surely return the favor.

5. Unleash Your Creativity and Set the Stage for an Amazing Foreplay

Now that you proved your willingness to keep her happy inside the bedroom, it’s time to unleash your creativity for better foreplay experience.

The truth is, there are no exact rules on how to do foreplay since every woman is different.

Still, one thing is for sure: to set the stage for best sex ever, you need to be creative.

The choices are endless.

You can blindfold her and stimulate her entire body, or use sex toys to keep her aroused.

The important thing is to be creative.

While doing the deed in the bedroom is fine, the defining point is how you do it in order to give her a night to remember.

6. More Effective Sex Advice for Men: Don’t Forget Her Nape and Neck

couple lying kissing

Before you go down on her breasts, you need to pass by and say hello to her neck area.

In fact, this area is among the top 10 erogenous zones that you should include in your foreplay list.

This is because the neck and nape are rich in nerve endings and blood vessels, which makes them extra sensitive.

To make it more pleasurable, start massaging her shoulders, then work your way up to the base of her neck then scalp.

Don’t forget to kiss, nibble, and caress her nape.

This will surely send shivers down her spine and keep her aroused all throughout the session.

A little trivia: one study revealed that women with a spinal cord injury can get turned on by neck stimulation alone.

This only shows how sensitive the area can get, so make sure you use it to your advantage.

Now that you’re done with foreplay, it’s time to move to the main event.

Below are sex tips for guys to help you in this department.

7. Pay Attention to Her Breasts – She Will Love It

attention on breasts

Aside from what’s in the southern hemisphere, there are other areas in a woman’s body you should focus on.

One of them is her breasts.

Here’s the thing: there are men who rarely pay attention to this erogenous spot and go straight down there.

Even if they did during foreplay, most of them forget about the breasts during the main event.

If you want to give her a night to remember, then be the better man and say hello to her twin mountains before and during sex.

A woman’s breasts, particularly the underside, contain nerves that could add stimulation during sex.

While she’s on top or even before you enter her in missionary, use your fingertips to draw circles around her breasts and spiral in until you reach her nipples.

You can also cup and lift the underside of her breast, lick around her nipple, and suck it gently.

Apart from her breasts, below are other areas in her body you should pay attention to.

8. The Clit: Stimulating This Tiny but Powerful Sexual Trigger Down South

Did you know that 75 percent of women are unable to orgasm from intercourse alone?

This means to make her climax, you might need extra help.

By help, this means stimulating her clitoris.

According to Gloria Brame, Ph. D. and author of Sex for Grown-Ups: A Sex Primer for the 21st Century, a woman’s clitoris is the most sensitive target in her body.

Consequently, it is packed with tons of nerve endings, which means stimulating this area could lead to orgasm.

Since this area is sensitive, you have to be careful and precise to make sure that she is aroused and not the other way around.

Here are tips on how to stimulate this area properly:

  • Gently retract or lift the clitoral hood until her clitoris is partially exposed. Lick it gently but quickly.

  • Use your tongue to produce slow and upward strokes on the underside of her glans. Thereafter, place your tongue beneath her clitoris and lick it upward.

  • Massage her clitoris gently in slow circles then diagonal strokes. Make sure you won’t apply too much pressure since this is a sensitive area.

  • Do the combination by putting a finger or two inside her and your thumb gently massaging her clitoris. The vaginal and clitoral combination means twice the pleasure that could lead to orgasm.

The key to stimulating her clitoris is to be gentle.

You don’t want to inflict pain, do you?

Aside from what’s down there, the succeeding sections will tell you where and how you should touch your girl to make sure she is happy inside the bedroom.

9. Go Down on Her – and Be the Starring Role in Her Horny Daydreams Series

As soon as you’ve set the stage, it’s time to put everything you learn on adult videos and sex advice for men into action.

This includes going down on her.

If you can, it would mean a lot to her if you can make her orgasm during oral sex.

Here are tips on how you can do this:

  • Keep her comfortable.

  • Find her perfect position.

    Lying on her back is the best position when you go down on her.

    For a more pleasurable experience, put pillows under her butt to lift her pelvic and give you a great leverage.

  • Start with her inner thighs, then slowly move up to her precious area.

  • Tease her down there using your tongue. Try going up and down then gain intensity and speed.

  • Incorporate sex toys inside the bedroom.

The most important thing to remember is to pay attention to her reactions.

Listen to how she responds, watch her body language, and check how she moves her hips.

If she likes what you are doing, you will see a positive response.

Now that you are down south, the next tip will tell you about how to stimulate this important area that will surely blow her mind.

10. Say Yes to New Sex Positions in Bed

Was there an instance in your sex life that you didn’t do the missionary position?

Admittedly, this position will never go out of the list in the world of sex positions and might even take home the MVP crown.

However, don’t just settle with missionary all the time.

In case you want to be on top, here are some variations – and add them in your list of sex positions for men:

  • Place pillows under her to elevate her butt, thereby allowing deeper penetration.

  • Tie her hands and keep it above her just like the dorm scene in Fifty Shades of Grey as you take over.

  • Close her legs together as you penetrate her to stimulate her clitoris.

This will surely add something new inside the bedroom.

11. New Sex Positions That Could Make Her Happy and Ask for More

The usual positions – woman on top, doggy style, and missionary – will always be a crowd favorite.

If you are serious about giving her a night to remember, then you should consider trying new positions in bed.

Here are some ideas:

  • Spooning – This is a perfect combination of intimacy and stimulation.

    It creates a tighter fit in her vagina and stimulates the front portion of her genitals, which is pleasurable.

  • Coital Alignment Technique – In this position, you start in a missionary position with your body weight on top of your woman.

    Your pubic bone must be in direct contact with her clitoris.

    Thereafter, your partner’s legs are wrapped around your thighs where you should be rhythmically moving together in a rocking motion.

    It encourages close physical contact and works best for clitoral stimulation.

  • Edge of the Bed – If you are into deep penetration, then try this.

    Your partner lies on her back while her hips are at the edge of the bed.

    Bend over to penetrate her as she gets a direct view of what’s happening.

  • Bridge – This could be a bit challenging, but the effects are rewarding.

    Your partner arches her hips to form a low bridge position, thereby meeting your penis.

    This position gives you not only the perfect angle but also maximum penetration.

    You may also place pillows under her back to keep her comfortable.

12. Muscle Control

you can definitely do through practice

You may think this is a myth, but it actually happens.

You can be in charge of your sex and orgasms through muscle control.

As your organ is one big muscle, this is something that you can definitely do through practice.

Your partner can do this, as well.

Muscle control can make you control the tension of your penis and its hardness.

With it you can also control your release while waiting for your lady to finish, or you can come together.

It’s not rocket science; it’s just good old muscle control.

So, this probably widened your view that sex is not just sex, and orgasm is not just orgasm.

You can control, summon, stimulate and trigger orgasm with the right techniques.

It does not require a certain skill.

It’s normal human instinct – you pleasure me, I pleasure you.

13. Delayed Gratification

go slow

Don’t rush to orgasm.

You’ll get there eventually.

Instead, go slow and make unhurried love with your partner.

Taste each and every inch of her until you’re both panting with wants and craving for release.

The longer the wait, the greater the anticipation will be for the pleasure that you will get from the sex and orgasm.

So, don’t hurry to the sex part and don’t hurry the sex.

Feel your thrusts and grind your manhood around her tightness to get maximum pleasure from the friction.

If you do so, you will be guaranteed that your and her orgasm will be intense, you’ll be holding on to each other until the final wave of tremors.

14. The Finishing Touch: How to Make Her Crave for More

Here’s the thing: making her orgasm might seal the deal, but this doesn’t mean that sex is over.

If you want to make a statement, then doing something “special” as she climaxes will surely make her beg for more.

Here are some ideas you can try as she orgasms:

  • Push yourself deeper inside her to heighten her sensations.

  • Stimulate her G-spot or clitoris with long and deep strokes as reach for climax.

  • Encourage her to keep going as she orgasm, thereby making her last longer.

  • Use sex toys to stimulate her further.

While the orgasm itself is one of the best things she will experience, these ideas will surely help her enjoy the big O even more.

As soon as she is done, read the next section to find out how you can make sure that you gave her a night she deserves, therefore sealing the deal.

15. Reality Speaks: Post-Sex Matters, Too

What do you post-sex?

Hopping in the shower or wearing your clothes immediately after orgasm could be an instant buzz-kill.

The same goes for playing a video game or stepping out of the room.

If you happen to do any of these – or worse – then there is a higher possibility that sex won’t happen again.

Apparently, “it’s a men’s thing” excuse simply won’t cut it.

This is because your actions post-sex is among the deciding factors whether a woman will say yes to you the next time.

In fact, it could seal the deal as a sex ninja.

What should you do to make sure that there is a follow up?

You can try the following techniques:

  • Cuddle with her. It’s the simplest yet most effective way to assure her that you care about her pleasure and not your own.

  • Kiss her. Once you and your man down south are ready for some action, kiss her again and get it on for another round.

  • Give her positive feedback. Aside from making her feel good about herself, it is an instant ego booster too.

  • Compliment her. Tell her that it was your best sex ever. This is another instant booster too.

The bottom line is to show some interest even after sex.

Unless there is an emergency or Mother Nature calls, don’t make her feel that you are in a rush to get out of bed.

Keep in mind that orgasm triggers the release of oxytocin or cuddle hormone.

This explains why most women instantly reach out for you.

Give in and enjoy the moment.

Are you ready to find out the most important tip in giving her a night to remember?

Check out the next tip to find out what it is.

16. When Sex Between Couples Becomes Boring…

boring sex

Based on the 2013 Married Sex Survey, one of the common concerns among the respondents was sex becomes boring and predictable.

When you are in a relationship, especially long-term relationships, there is a tendency to fall into a plateau sex life and makes everything predictable.

This could lead to a dull and unsatisfying relationship, as well.

You can change things up inside the bedroom and give her a night to remember by introducing something new.

It could be as simple as change of venue or doing the deed at a different time of the day to who takes charge or the activities you will do behind locked doors.

Doing something not your usual, such as surprising her with a quickie or touching an area of her body you don’t usually touch.

The bottom line is always keep things fresh in sex.

The less predictable your sex life is, the higher chances of keeping her happy and satisfied inside the bedroom.

When it comes to keeping things fresh, check out our special edition on “How To Spice Up Your Sex Life“.

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Women may be complicated creatures, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.

When it comes to matters inside the bedroom, take note of these 16 sex tips for men and you will surely give her not only a night to remember but also something to look forward to the next time around.