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How to Enhance Your Sexual Wellness for a More Satisfied Tomorrow

how to enhance sexual wellness

Although the topic of sexual health is no longer taboo, there are still many people who are afraid to admit they have problems in the bedroom.

In fact, some people are still afraid of visiting a sexual wellness center to air their issues.

While the rest of the world may not be aware of the things that happen behind closed doors, it’s high time to address the pressing issue of sexual wellness.

Both men and women could face issues that could dampen their appetites for sex.

In most cases, it is more common for the male population to face health issues that could affect their ability to satisfy their partners sexually.

This is why most health and wellness companies place a greater weight on addressing the complaints that men have in the bedroom.

Today, there are several sexual wellness products and health supplements that promise to improve the male libido and sexual performance.

Among the product worth citing is VigRX, which has been attracting much attention after user testimonials and lab reports of the product’s effectiveness went public.

While the claims of this product or any other supplement may be true, it is still essential to focus on your own overall health.

Should you decide to take this pill, you still may need to pay a visit to your doctor, since libido enhancers and aphrodisiacs may contain ingredients that could cause allergic reactions or interfere with other medications.

While supplements could significantly improve your sexual prowess, you also have to focus on other factors that could affect your sexual health.

Your nutrition, physique and daily activities could all contribute to the reason why you are not able to give your partner the kind of sexual gratification that she needs, as well as your own.

More Than Sexual Gratification: Why Super Charging Your Sex Drive is Good for You

super charging sex drive

While intercourse is a way to have children, more people engage in it just for the pleasurable experience it can bring.

Humans are among the few earthly creatures who copulate to satisfy their desires.

Although sexual abstinence could not harm your health, engaging in sex offers many benefits for your overall health and your relationship, too.

Sex is not the only thing that matters in a serious relationship, but not having any kind of sexual encounter is a warning sign that something is wrong.

Good sex is one of the foundations of a strong marriage.

Sustained physical attraction is among the factors that could help marriages weather the storm.

If you are bent on keeping your partner with you and staying together for the rest of your lives, you should start minding your sexual health.

Although some people may think men are naturally the ones who crave for sex, this does not imply that females don’t desire pleasure in bed, as well.

Women often suffer from pangs of self-doubt when their partner is unable to satisfy their desires, which could lead to bigger issues in any relationship; hence, having a satisfied partner means becoming stronger and also a happier couple.

Aside from keeping couples together, engaging in sex can help with a wide array of health issues.

Based on research, sex could lower chances of developing heart disease, pain relief, improved testosterone production and reduced attacks of depression.

In people who engage in sex regularly, there is a lower chance of developing prostate problems.

Loading Up on Super Libido Foods: Healthy and Natural Aphrodisiacs to Try

super libido foods banana

If you currently have an issue in the sex department, your diet may have something to do with it.

There are some foods that could improve your libido.

There are also choices that can cause problems when you want to have a grand performance in the bedroom.

Luckily, sexual nutrition includes food items that are good for your libido.

They are also great for promoting overall health.

Libido-enhancing organic products include:


cinnamon libido food

This ingredient could add much-needed flavor in coffee and desserts, but you may be surprised to know that it is good for cranking up the heat in the bedroom.

Cinnamon helps maintain glucose levels in the body to prevent sugar crashes and provide you with the necessary energy to enjoy yourself in the bedroom.


basil herb libido food

This herb is more than just a leaf that adds flavor to your pizza.

It can improve blood circulation in the body.

By increasing your heart rate, it improves blood flow to your sexual organs, too.

Basil’s properties are so potent that even smelling it can promote sexual drive in the male population.

Cayenne Peppers

cayenne peppers libido food

This hot spice from South America is so potent that consuming huge amounts could be fatal; however, using just a bit of it could help improve blood flow and heart rate, which could allow you to be more excited to hit the sheets.


garlic libido food

While garlic may be the last thing you want to eat on a hot date, it may be what you need to add excitement to your sex life.

Garlic contains allicin, a substance that improves blood circulation to your various organs.

It could also lead to greater sensitivity.

With this combination, you are bound to have a pleasurable time.


banana libido food

This fruit is one of the best choices for your sexual well-being.

Bananas contain potassium, which is essential for keeping the nerves, brain and heart in top shape.

Not only that, potassium leads to stronger muscles that are needed for intense orgasmic contractions.


cardamon libido food

Aphrodisiacs vary from one culture to another.

Among the most popular foods for sexual wellness that comes from India is cardamom.

Aside from giving your sexual health a boost, this spice can protect your gastrointestinal tract and keep cholesterol levels low.

It is also known to be an aphrodisiac.


Oysters libido food

A list of foods that can increase libido will not be complete without mentioning oysters.

This seafood is rich in zinc, which could enhance the male reproductive system and improve sexual function.

Bear in mind that oysters are a bad choice if you are allergic to shellfish, though.

Take a Chill Pill: Stress Is the Ultimate Libido Killer

Stress libido killer

Stress is the biggest factor why a lot of men are having sexuality issues.

In fact, your overall health can be affected by stress.

For one, uncontrolled stress levels can kick up your blood pressure in a bad way and put a damper on your sexual appetite and also on your performance.

Whether your stress stems from the relationship itself, home, finances or work, you need to find a way to decrease how much it affects you.

If there are stressors that you can avoid, do it.

For those that you cannot avoid, you can control the way you manage stress.

You can try to reach out to your partner and talk about what you are going through.

It is also advisable to engage in activities that will help you deal with stressful situations, such as yoga, breathing exercises, physical activities and meditation. 

Try to deal with things in a productive way, rather by improving your lifestyle.

As far as sexual health is concerned, stress can impair your ability to perform in the bedroom.

At the same time, it can also decrease the level of testosterone in your body.

These two combined can make it hard to find the inspiration to do amorous activities in the bedroom.

If this is the case, your relationship could suffer further and you may experience even more stress.

Although you cannot learn proper stress management overnight, try to incorporate a few techniques daily.

Shake That Thing: Improve Sexual Wellness with a More Active Lifestyle


Experiencing a damper on your sex drive can make you feel anxious, and even more so if you are a man.

If you are looking for a quick way to boost your appetite for sex and at the same time build some muscle, exercise is your go-to remedy.

Boost your libido by getting off the couch.

By spending more time sweating it out, you can keep your heart in shape.

When it comes to intercourse, having a healthy cardiac system is necessary to feel aroused easily, since blood circulates freely to all body organs.

Obesity, in particular, is another libido killer that you can address with a bit of exercise.

Excess fat can affect your stamina level and your overall desire to engage in bed romps.

Aside from that, you may experience other sexual problems related to having excess weight.

In both cases, you can benefit from improving your sexual fitness through exercise on a daily basis.

You don’t even have to go all out and hit the gym for half a day.

By walking, swimming, or doing any kind of exercise for at least 30 minutes each day, you can get rid of some weight and have a healthier sex life.

Supplement Safely: Support Sexual Endeavors with the Right Performance Pill

your doctor

When it comes to sustaining a healthier sex life, you may want to consider supplementation.

This makes perfect sense especially when you are already encountering issues and you could use additional nutrition to boost your sex drive.

Most supplements are made from all natural products, which make them less dangerous that prescription drugs.

However, when you are in the process of scouring the market for the right male enhancement pill, be sure to read reviews and testimonials about the product.

With so much potential, the market for sexual enhancers can be hyped up, and not all products can live up to their claims.

When it comes to all natural supplements, VigRX Plus seems to be the latest favorite.

Despite what users are saying about it and how it changed their lives, you still need to do your own research to make sure that this pill is the right choice for you.

While at it, visit your doctor and ask for an opinion on the said supplement.

Although manufacturers are making claims that the product is totally safe and all natural, don’t take this at face value.

Check in with your physician.

It is always better to know first if a product is safe for you than to regret not checking later.

Catch Some Rays: Heat Up Your Sexual Appetite by Getting a Healthy Dose of Sunshine

get sunshine for sex

For those who shy away from the harsh rays of the sun, it might be time to brave it out.

A study in Austria’s Medical University of Graz indicates that a high level of vitamin D is necessary to increase testosterone levels.

The best way to catch this bone-strengthening vitamin is through sun exposure.

Normally, the body can get 90 percent of this vitamin from sun exposure.

If you are constantly out of the sun’s way, you may not be getting the necessary amount of this vitamin to increase hormone production that leads to a higher libido.

Have you ever wondered why being exposed to the sun makes you feel more awake?

Exposure to the sun can halt melatonin production in the body.

Melatonin is the hormone responsible for helping us fall asleep and with decreased production you become more awake.

The decreased levels also increase your sex drive.

With just a half hour’s exposure, members of the male population can look forward to higher testosterone levels.

Although it is probably not possible, the best way to rapidly increase the production of this male hormone responsible for sexual health is to expose your genitals to the sun.

This can rapidly increase testosterone up to 200 percent.

Prolonged Self-Pleasure: How You Masturbate Affects Your Performance


Sexual pleasure is not just possible when you are with your partner, you can also achieve it on your own.

In fact, one of the best ways to practice for sex is through self-pleasure.

Although it is recommended that you take your pleasure in your own hands, you should be aware that you need to masturbate the right way.

Some guys think that there is no wrong way to masturbate.

Although this may be true, what you are practicing may be the culprit behind your poor bedroom performance.

When you are masturbating, you should never rush to reach your peak.

Taking your time is not just a more pleasurable experience, it would also help you last longer in bed.

The key is to think that you are actually in bed with someone and you want to hold your orgasm back to please your partner.

This may seem to be just a small thing, but you can try to do it next time and see if it works for you.

Your practice may just pay off in time, and practicing isn’t a terrible thing, after all.

Put Her First: Your Partner’s Reaction Can Turn You On

put your partner first in sex

When you are in bed with your partner, try not to think of how to do something right.

What you need to do is focus on her pleasure and her reactions.

While a low libido could make you self-conscious and awkward, you can try to get over it by putting your partner first.

If you become a more attentive lover, you partner will thank you more for it.

Plus, the experience would be more pleasurable for her.

One thing about women is that they love it when their partner put their needs over their own.

Aside from that, when you stop thinking about your sexual health issues, you might just solve them on your own.

Often, men suffer from problems affecting their performance in bed because they stress too much about it.

While you are showering her with your undivided attention, you could forget about your worries and experience a boost in sex drive, so you can show her a more passionate time.

Get Some Zzzz’s: Why Getting Adequate Sleep Can Help Your Sex Drive

adequate sleep for sex drive

These days, a lot of people are running on just a few hours of sleep.

Although it may not affect your productivity at work or at home, it could mess up with your urges.

It turns out that pulling all-nighters could be driving a wedge between you and your partner.

Although it is impossible to avoid working late, you can try to catch up on sleep when you can.

Setting a regular sleeping schedule and sticking to it should be one of the first things you need to do.

If you cannot sleep easily, it may be necessary to take the electronic devices out of your bedroom.

When you lack sleep, you often feel fatigued the next day.

If your body does not get the adequate amount of rest, you can suffer from low libido and low testosterone production.

Both of these could affect your performance in bed.

With the right amount of sleep, you won’t just be more productive, you can also lead a healthier lifestyle.

It may be hard to come up with a sexual wellness definition, but evidently, it involves not just performing in bed, but also improving your lifestyle in general.

In Summary


Many factors that wreak havoc in a man’s sex life can be addressed by just a few changes.

By paying more attention to your general health and getting sufficient nutrition, you can see improvements in your sexual wellness over time.

To some people, sexual health may not seem to be a big deal, but it is vital to take note that inability to function properly in the bedroom could mean that a person has other health concerns, too.

If a more nutritious diet, an active lifestyle, and taking enhancement supplements as approved by your doctor don’t seem to work, a more extensive checkup should be on your checklist.

Men, irrespective of age, may suffer from sexual problems for a variety of reasons.

Finding and addressing them could change your life and save your relationship, as well.

Needless to say, you should never despair when you are stuck with a low libido and a disappointed partner.

There are still many changes that you can make to achieve sexual wellness and add excitement to your bedroom romps.

Try a few of these tips today, and you could say hello to your sexual libido in no time.