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Male Enhancement Exercises: 4 Moves for a Stronger Penis

Male Enhancement Exercises 4 Moves for a Stronger Penis

Most men seem to believe that the key to a fulfilling sex life is to have a bigger and longer penis, which means that they are greatly concerned about penis size and safe penis exercises for male enhancement.
Stamina and long lasting erections are considered to be major requirements in sexually satisfying your partner.

You can make your sex life more interesting by doing exercises to enhance your penis. Natural male enlargement exercises may add strength and stamina to your penis, so your erection may look more impressive.
Let’s find out about some of the most effective penis exercises. Here, you will also learn about the benefits and safety aspects of a such exercises.

How Do Male Enlargement Exercises Work?

corpora cavernosaMale enhancement exercises might encourage the growth of new cells. These cells add to the two chambers that run the length of the upper side of the penis (corpora cavernosa).
When new cells are created and added, your penis could look bigger. During arousal, these two chambers become filled with blood, thereby causing penile erection.
Natural enhancement exercises also may also improve sexual stamina and strengthen the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. PC muscles help manage the process of ejaculation.

4 Male Enhancement Exercises

Here are the top exercises that men can try for more erection control and possibly even make it look bigger:


This technique uses a milking motion to increase the flow of blood to your penis. It should be performed when your penis is semi-erect. Fully erect penis can be injured during this exercise. To begin with, apply plenty of lubricant such as baby oil or jelly to your penis. Create a circle with your forefinger and thumb, with the middle, ring finger and pinky outstretched. It should look like the ‘OK’ sign. Place the base of your penis in the circle.
And, gently stroke down the length of the shaft towards the tip. Release your hand as you reach the head of the penis. Then, repeat the motion with your other hand. It takes about three seconds to complete one stroke. It is suggested to start with 100 strokes daily and gradually increase to about 500 strokes daily after a month.


pelvic floor muscles
Photo by OpenStax College / CC BY

Kegel exercises could make your erection look more impressive. To perform kegels, it is important to identify your pelvic floor muscles. This can be done when you are urinating. The next time you urinate, stop mid-stream.
The muscles you contract are the pelvic floor muscles. If you are not able to identify theses muscles on the first attempt, you can repeat the exercise a few more times until you determine their location.
Once you have identified your pelvic floor muscles, simply tighten them. Hold the contraction for three seconds, and then relax for three seconds.
Try at least 10 sets three times a day. The best thing about kegel exercises is that they can be done anytime and anywhere. As they are internal movements, no one will know when you are doing them.

Penis Stretching

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This is a natural male enhancement exercise that some guys do. This exercise is done while your penis is not erect. Gently hold the penis in your hands and pull it slightly forward to its comfortable limit.
Remain in this position for fifteen seconds and then release. Repeat this basic stretch at least five times.


premature ejaculationBallooning helps to increase sexual stamina and control in men. This exercise requires a lot of commitment since it involves holding back your urge to ejaculate. In order for the technique to work, you will have to hold your ejaculation 4 to 5 times before releasing.
To do the ballooning technique, practice holding your palm over the head of your penis during orgasm to prevent ejaculation. Repeated use of this technique causes expansion and growth of the spongy tissues in the penis, resulting in increased size.

Benefits of The Exercises

There are many male enhancement practices, each with their own potential risks and side effects. However, male enhancement exercises are one of the most popular methods to make the penis look more impressive. Some of their benefits are discussed below:

  • Improved Self ConfidenceImproved Self Confidence: Though indirectly, a more impressive looking penis makes you feel secure and confident in several areas of your life. With your new found confidence you can try different sexual positions to please your partner, which will be more satisfying than ever for both of you.
  • Provides Flexibility: With doctor approval, you can usually do  these exercises in the privacy of your own home. They’re cost-effective as well.

Safety Tips That You Should Follow

You should always practice caution when you are exercising, no matter whether you are exercising for your overall health or performing male enhancement exercises. The penis is the most important and delicate organ in your body, so you would not want to harm it in any way.

  • Consult Your Doctor: Before starting a penis exercise program you should make sure that you do not have any medical conditions. If you suffer from any circulatory or urinary disorders this should be brought to the attention of your doctor.
  • Read All The Guidelines: Information is your most important tool for remaining safe, so you should do as much research as you can about the exercises. Being aware of any necessary precautions you need to take will keep you safe.
  • warm upWarm Up: As with any other exercise, it is essential that you warm up before exercising your penis. Blisters or sores may appear if you do not warm up correctly. If this happens you should stop the penis exercises for a few days. Your doctor will give you topical lotions so they can heal properly.
  • Be Aware: When you are performing these exercises, make sure to check for any unusual or abnormal signs. If you notice any small blue spots under the skin of your penis, you should stop exercising. Take a break for few days. Also, use some warm wraps on your penis for quicker recovery.
  • Go Slow: It may take some time before you begin to see any difference in your penis size. Be patient and go slow. Don’t be forceful when you are performing male enlargement exercises.
  • Avoid Pain: If you experience any pain during exercising, stop immediately. Also, consult your doctor for advice.

A tip to remember- safety should be your first priority.


Male enhancement exercises might help boost your sex life. Most men begin to see positive results after just a few days of doing these exercises. It is recommended to do them at least five days a week to attain the best results. But it is also important to ensure that the exercises you are doing are proven to be safe and come from a trustworthy source.  You do not want to risk any injury to your penis.