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Male Enhancement Underwear: 3 Ways They Can Really Help

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Face it, guys.

It is hard to make your penis bigger without causing any damage or injury to it.

Thank goodness there are innovative, creative and bizarre-minded people that continuously come up with products and techniques to make your man down there bigger.

One of the strangest, yet most sought after products in the market today is male enhancement underwear.

Yes guys, you read that right.

There is actually an enhancing underwear that can make your member bigger.

Learn about the different types of men’s enhancement underwear and find out what it can do for your guy down there.

The World Of Enhancing Underwear For Men

Enhancing Underwear For Men

If wonder bra is for women, then male enhancement underwear is the equivalent.

This undergarment is one of the latest technologies when it comes to male enhancement.

It provides you a safer alternative to penis extenders and surgery because it does not pose an irreparable damage to your manhood.

Here’s why we think you should get your male enhancement underwear:

It Gives You A Sense Of Excitement.

Wearing this type of male underwear is fun and exciting.

Just imagine the different designs, styles and playful colors to choose from that can match your every mood and occasion.

It Boosts Your Confidence.

Men’s enhancement underwear may not permanently increase your size down there, but it can give you a bulge that you can be proud of whenever you wear it.

This can give you a much-needed confidence that will make you look more fun and appealing.

It Is Safer With No Side Effects.

There is no need to use stretchers or go through risky surgery.

All you need to do is to wear the enhancing underwear and you are good to go.

The Different Types Of Male Enhancement Underwear

Types Of Male Enhancement Underwear

If you think there is just one type of male underwear, then you have been mistaken.

The truth is there are different types of underwear that can give you some help up front.

Yes, frontal enhancement underwear does exist and it comes in various styles.

Here is a list of the different male enhancement underwear that can make your manhood more noticeable.

C-ring Slings And Straps

One of the best ways to enhance your package is to pull your balls outward away from your legs.

To do this, cock rings can cause your penis to protrude in front and make it look bigger.

This type of underwear can give you just that.

This type of male enhancement underwear has built in cock ring that sits in a stretch or elastic fabric.

It attaches to the interior-front pouch that encircles your penis and balls.

This can be an effective visual enhancement technique since you can adjust the fabric to fit your member, causing your penis to move out between the legs and create a more promising profile.

However, you might be uncomfortable wearing it for longer hours.

The important thing is to pair the c-rings with a flat and well-designed pouch that can give your penis some room and support.

Fabric Panel C-rings

Fabric Panel C-rings underwear

This type of male enhancement underwear works the same as a C-ring.

The main difference is that c-ring fabric panel has a panel of fabric with a circle cut out layered on the inside of the pouch that you pull your package through.

Apparently, this type of underwear is less marketed and not adjustable unlike the regular straps.

A fabric panel C-ring is more comfortable to wear than the ordinary ones.

At the same time, if you don’t mind that the c-ring might be visible to others, depending on the style, then this type of enhancement underwear may be for you.

Enhancing Support Pockets

Enhancing Support Pockets

This variation bases itself on the concept of a “built-in support pocket within the underwear pouch.”

Instead of the cock rings, this type of men’s enhancement underwear uses a cup-like pouch minus the tight, uncomfortable feeling.

At the same time, the lower half of your member pulls away from your body and supported by the pouch to give its enhanced look.

Enhancing support pockets can work for men in all sizes down there and make it look bigger.

It can also make your side profile and frontal view more noticeable.

Also, if you like the idea of visual enhancement yet gives you the fit and comfort of the regular brief, then this variation may be for you.

Enhancement Pouch Underwear

This type of underwear has been around for many years.

It is based on the concept wherein the cut of the pouch is larger and modeled closely to your guy down there to make it looked wrapped, not suppressed.

You simply have to let your balls hang lower in the pouch to give a better side profile of your manhood.

The problem with this type of underwear is that the pouch relies too much on the size of your package and the proportion and natural resting location of your penis.

Hence, your results may be different from the others.

Padded Underwear

Padded Underwear Man

They did this in women’s bra, they can do this in men’s enhancement underwear, too.

However, this type of underwear is less common compared to the other types.

Padded underwear has a foam-shaped insert that goes inside an interior pocket.

This can give extra contour and shape to make your penis look bigger and more rounded.

One of the biggest advantages of this type of male enhancement underwear is the comfort it brings.

You can wear padded underwear can be worn anytime while getting support and shape as you do your daily activities.

The Downside Of Enhancing Underwear For Men

Downside Of Enhancing Underwear For Men

There is no doubt that male enhancement underwear can make you look “bigger” down there.

However, the solution it offers to your size issues is only temporary and can never make your manhood bigger.

Also, there are several disadvantages such as:

  • It Can Cause Discomfort, especially when you pick the wrong size.

    Smaller male enhancement underwear can cause bulging and testicular choking, since your penis is not able to relax.

  • It Can Cause Skin Problems. Most enhancing underwear for men is made of synthetic materials that can irritate your skin, trigger allergies or cause rashes.

    Keep in mind that its primary goal is to make you look bigger, not bring comfort.

  • It Does Not Affect Your Sexual Health And Performance. Again, its aim is to make you look bigger and create an illusion that you are well endowed down there.

    Therefore, it has nothing to do with your libido or performance in bed or cannot improve your erection.

Therefore, make sure to choose the right product.

Research and precaution must be taken seriously to protect yourself from damages and scams.

Make it a point to choose the right fit and measurement, since comfort should always be your top priority.

At the same time, check what it is made of because there may be some ingredients, which you are allergic to.

You don’t need a bigger looking member when you will end up scratching yourself down there all day, right?

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