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How To Increase Penis Size Without Pills

how to increase penis length

You can choose from many penis enlargement options to increase your penis size without taking pills, if taking male enhancement pills is not your thing.

They can make use of some penis enhancement devices, exercise, patches and other techniques.

All of the above methods can increase your manhood.

Penis Enlargement Devices Can Help

penis pump for enlargement

One way to keep out from the danger of pills is by making use of devices for penis enlargement.

This method makes use of applied pressure for the muscles in the penis area to adapt.

The effect is the same with bodybuilding and weight lifting where additional muscles can build up after applying force on the targeted area.

Here are some penis enhancement devices that a man can make use of to grow the size of his penis:

Penis Pumps

Apart from increasing the length of the penis, the pumps can also correct curvature issues and the pain caused by Peyronie’s disease.

Penis Extender

The tool stretches the penile tissues, which lead to new, bulkier and heftier muscles.

Outside pressure, forces the cells to adapt which causes the penis to grow longer.

It also causes an increase to the width or girth of the penis.

Do Physical Activity That Helps

physical hand activity

Men can try doing a variety of physical activity, which can enhance the size of the male genitals.

Exercise is always the best as it can produce good results without spending money.

Another fact when it comes to male enhancement is that the best tools that a man can use are his own hands.

Men can perform many exercises to increase the size of his penis.

You can do everything comfortably and privately inside your bathroom.

Aside from a list of physical activities, losing weight makes the penis look bigger.

Though it doesn’t give an additional length, it can help to make the penis look like it has grown bigger.

5 Physical Techniques To Increase Penis Size without Pills

increase penis size without penis

You can use these physical techniques to boost the size of your penis effectively.


The method can be risky but it can make a man hung.

You do this by constricting a device around the base of the penis.

This instrument will restrict the blood from flowing out of the penis.

Some tools that you can use with this method are shoestrings or a tight cock ring.

After attaching the device above the testicles, the man must perform edging.

Many men refer to this as extended masturbation.

Be sure to do this one correctly, as clamping may cause permanent and traumatic damage to the sex organ.



A man can get a larger penis with jelqing.

This works by trying to increase the circulation of blood.

A man must stroke his penis in a squeezing motion repeatedly.

The stroke must start from the lower part of the shaft up to the glans or corona of the penis.


Kegel Exercises

Obstetricians recommend this exercise for pregnant women to help them get relief from back pain.

Kegels increase the blood flow in the penile part making it possible for the penis to grow overtime.

To do Kegels, one must first locate their pelvic floor muscles.

The next step should be contracting these muscles, holding it down for a few seconds and releasing it from contraction. You need to do this one repeatedly.


compression technique penis

This method stresses the tissues of the penis that will trigger enlargement.

It results to longer and expanded girth.


stretch the penis

Stretching the penis until it creates micro-tears is another effective technique for male enhancement.

This works for those who want to focus on the length of their penis.

Promising Penis Patches

promising penis patches for enlargement

Patches can also do the trick when it comes to penile enlargement.

This is possible with the use of effective and harmless herbal male enhancement ingredients.

The process involves the skin’s absorption of these herbal enhancement ingredients applied on the penis.

Apart from adding size to the penis, it also promotes enhanced erection and higher sexual drive.


increase penis size without pills.

There are many ways on how to increase penis size without pills.

With the above given methods, you will be able to achieve the penis size that you wanted without risking yourself from the harmful effects of the pill.

Doing the steps regularly and properly can yield results in the long term.

That said, remember not to over-strain and take good care of your penis health.