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Top 10 Erogenous Zones For Men

Erogenous Zones For Men

Fact: Men don’t have enough erotic zones compared to women.

For women, any area in their body could trigger wild sensations, as long as men touched them the right way.

For men, it’s all about the penis – and nothing else.

If you want to keep him excited, then your instincts will tell you to go straight down south and do your job.

Does this mean other areas in a man’s body are numb and don’t feel any sensation?

Not really.

The truth is you can touch different areas in your man’s body and get him stimulated without going directly to his man down there.

Men are visual creatures that the thought of seeing your boobs while you lick his chest turns him on.

It doesn’t take rocket science before you discover your man’s soft spots.

To guide you better, here are 10 hot zones you shouldn’t miss – and will surely get your man in the mood.

1. Lips

sensitive lips man

Is there anything more erotic than lips?

Kissing is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom – or anywhere else.

Before going through different areas of his body, it is important that you establish connection with your man.

The best way to do that is not through his stomach, but through his lips.

To start, give him a long, passionate kiss.

Then tease him by licking, biting and sucking his lips.

While you are in the area, don’t forget his tongue, too.

A deep kiss is sensual and erotic, but if you want to add more passion and pleasure, then give your tongue some action.

Sticking your tongue and sucking his may be a favorite.

However, spice things up by circling your tongue around his.

Oh, you get the picture.

2. Jaws

sensitive jaws man

Didn’t see that one coming, right?

Believe it or not, a man’s jaw is one of the most visible symbols of a guy’s manhood.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get that much attention.

When you stroke a man’s jaw, you are subconsciously praising his manliness, which is a definite ego booster.

Don’t underestimate his chin, since it has tons of pleasure receptors, as well.

To do this, gently trace the tip of your fingers on his jaw area.

Start from his earlobe and work your way down to his chin.

By lightly stroking this area, you are able to stimulate the sensitive nerves in his face, which can be a turn on.

Cupping your hands around his chin before giving him a steamy, passionate kiss is also a definite turn on.

3. Ears

sensitive ears man

If you love it when your guy nibbles on your ears, then he will surely appreciate you returning the favor.

The ears is one of the most important areas you need to stimulate and eventually make you man go crazy – in a good way. 

However, don’t rush into giving him a tongue action.

Take things slow and steady.

Start by whispering something naughty on his ear.

The feel of your breath on his ear is enough to make him tingle.

At the same time, talking sexy in a soft tone will surely turn him on.

Then use the tip of your tongue and start playing with his earlobes.

The area behind the ears is also an erotic spot, which will surely drive him crazy.

Some men, and even women don’t like the idea of licking the insides of the ear.

If this grosses you out, then just stick to his outer ear and earlobes.

Those areas are good enough to get him in the mood.

4. Neck

sensitive man neck

This is also another sensitive area that is worth your attention.

It has tons of nerve endings that a sudden touch, no matter how light it is, can send shivers to his spine.

However, don’t go rushing in on his neck.

Kiss him teasingly or give his neck gentle and breathy kisses to turn him on.

Once you hear him panting like an animal, give his neck a tongue and mouth combination to boost his mood.

Working on his neck requires a combination of everything.

You can kiss him gently, then passionately, and then go back to giving him small kisses.

Watch out for his body language and pay attention to how he responds, so you will now if it’s time to move on the next area of his body.

5. Nipples

man nipples sensitive

A guy’s nipples are not as sensitive as yours.

In fact, some men find the idea of someone licking their nipples gross.

Still, it won’t hurt if you give it a try, since it can be an erotic for him to see you sucking his nipples or touching the area around it.

The good thing about a nipple is that there are many possibilities.

You can kiss it, lick it, suck it, pinch it, twist it or simply run your fingers around it.

The tip of the nipple is also a sensitive area, so make sure you maximize it.

A piece of advice: ask your man first if licking his nipples is okay.

Or check out his body language when you go on that area.

If you notice any apprehension, then don’t push it.

It only means he is not up for it.

6. Butt

man butt sensitive

Yes, his butt deserves special attention, too.

Men and their butts may not go well together.

However, this is also one of the most sensitive areas in a man’s body yet ignored by many.

To make this area work for you, give his butt a massage while you are going down on him.

Touching the area along the butt line can also be a turn on.

Some men also love it when you dig your fingernails into her butt cheeks.

If you want to be a bit wild in bed, smack his butt lightly when he least expects it to get him in the mood.

7. Inner Thighs

shocking and unusual for the dudes

It may be shocking and unusual for the dudes when the ladies go in that area.

Did you know that a man’s inner thigh is a trip worth taking?

The inner thigh is also a good place to keep your man’s blood flow up and running, which in turn, helps in his arousal.

Once you are able to hit the right spots, you can give him harder erections.

When you decide to explore this area, make sure that you always move toward his manhood.

This will guide the blood flow and move towards his penis, thereby stimulating his package.

Do some light finger strokes then kiss and lick each sides to keep your man and his guy down south more excited.

8. Under Thighs


Aside from his inner thighs, your man’s under thighs deserve the spotlight, too.

Surprisingly, a lot of men find it erotic when their partner touches the under part of their thighs, which are closest to his member.

When you pay attention to your man’s inner thighs, don’t forget to visit and play with the skin under this thighs.

Believe it or not, this area could create a tingling effect that keeps him in the mood.

Use your fingers and gently stroke this area.

If you want to be bolder, giving his under thigh area some action will also do the trick.

This sends erotic waves all over his body, as well.

9. Penis Head

This is every man’s favorite part.

If you want to keep his libido running, then you will never go wrong with his penis.

The challenge now is how able you are to get his man up, and then keep it in that state for at least 30 minutes or so of his life.

You don’t have to swallow the entire penis to stimulate your man.

Rushing things inside the bedroom lessens the pleasure factor, so it is best to keep it slow and steady.

Start by working on the head of his penis.

This is the most delicate and sensitive area in a man’s member, hence the need to pay extra attention to it than any other part of his member.

Gently touch his member with your members then lick it to keep him excited.

Never bite or pinch since this area is extremely sensitive.

The last thing you need is to hear him say, “Ouch” and not “Ooohhh.”

10. Skin

sensitive man skin

The skin is the largest organ in a human’s body.

Therefore, it is safe to say that it also plays an important role in keeping your man aroused.

This is because rubbing and touching his skin can improve blood circulation, especially in the area down there.

This leads to arousal – and you know what happens when your man is in the mood.

Therefore, touch your man’s skin as often as possible.

Give him a massage and run your hands across his entire body.

Take time to explore every inch of his body and whisper teasingly on his ear as much as you can.

This also helps him relax and takes his mind away from stress and other factors that could ruin his mood.

Are you ready to get your man in the zone?